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Contouring your capital


PeerFin – Rock-solid Returns carved from reliable asset backed loans

We are pioneering the way for marketplace lending. Asset backed loans are the natural progression of this new direction. PeerFin offers a secure, online platform where Borrowers meet Lenders. After studying the South African Market, we realised that the unsecured lending industry has many limitations. To combat these challenges, we decided to create an asset backed model, ensuring piece of mind for you as a Lender. Your capital is safeguarded and an optimal return is guaranteed. Borrowers are willing to offer collateral against the capital they need for a lower interest rate.

The process that we follow to shape your capital is simple, and we will be there every step of the way, guiding our Lenders, so that they get the most out of their capital pledge:

  • PeerFin does the vetting and all the paper work involved with each application;
  • The approved application is uploaded for all Lenders to view, this is how PeerFin connects the Borrower with the lender;
  • The borrower pays a lower interest rate with PeerFin than what he would have when he used the major financial institution in South Africa, due to the collateral offered as security;
  • The lender earns an exceptional return that is safeguarded against defaulting loans – bringing peace of mind and financial growth;
  • Lenders can fund the approved application via the PeerFin website, together with PayGate ™
  • Lenders can pledge a minimum of R1000.00 and as soon as the loan is fully funded, the capital will be paid to the rightful beneficiary;
  • Monthly deductions will occur directly from the Borrowers bank account through Intecon ™, until the loan is settled in full.
  • The Lender’s capital and the return will be paid at the end of the loan term that was chosen. This ensures a compounding effect of the instalments, earning the Lender an even higher return.
  • PeerFin earns its income from the parties participating in the process. We take a small percentage between the rate offered and the return paid. As easy as that.

Securing & optimising your capital


The cornerstones of our company

PeerFin was founded in 2013 by Reuben Aldum Jnr, with experience in the financial advisory industry and vast knowledge in the unsecured loans and collections market. With a passion to create an online community, where lenders receive a lucrative and definite return on their capital and borrowers pay a lower interest rate, Aldum set out to create a win-win scenario with an online platform where Asset backed Peer-to-Peer lending can take place.

Peer-to-Peer or Person-to-Person (P2P) is also where we derived our name from. This term refers to a certain breed of financial transactions which occurs directly between individuals or “peers”, cutting out the middle-man and conventional financial institutions.

PeerFin is advised by Reuben Aldum Snr with 40 years’ accounting experience, and instrumental knowledge of the financial and loan sector in South Africa. He also knows where the current South African Market is headed and therefore recognised the need for an “asset-backed” loan model with various items attached as collateral.

We identified the opportunity for firearm finance in South Africa: the firearm industry in South Africa is growing at a fast pace, nearing a billion rand turnover a year. South Africa is a hunting mecca, with marvellous hunting experiences.

Gunowners in South Africa, usually wait for a minimum of three months before a firearm license is issued and legally released from the gun dealer. Should a borrower consider an affordable PeerFin loan he doesn’t have the big once-off capital outflow and with easy, fixed monthly instalments deducted via debit order, this is truly a convenient and worthwhile opportunity.

We are a proudly South African company, and the only online platform that provides Asset Backed Peer-to-Peer lending in the country. PeerFin has already financed more than R 2.5 million worth of firearms since 1 December 2016. Registered with the National Credit Regulator, PeerFin truly creates the opportunity to mould your capital pledge into a rock-solid portfolio, with exceptional, safe return.


Your return set in stone


PeerFin is proud to announce our newest partner.

Peefin will exclusively offer firearm finance to Wildman Hunting and Outdoor from the 1st of December 2016. Visit one of the 14 stores countrywide where

a friendly sales advisor will assist you in a quick and easy online application. The process is simple. Each Wildman Finance client can apply for a 3-, 6- and 12-month loan to buy his dream firearm. PeerFin will evaluate the applicant, and the firearms will be collateral for the loan. Each successful loan application will be launched on the PEERFIN website for you to invest in.



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