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Who We Are

PeerFin started out as a Peer-to-Peer lender in 2016.
This however quickly changed as legislation was
implemented that made this type of business unpractical in South Africa.
We already made a name for ourselves and decided to change our
model and become an asset backed lender focusing on Firearm Finance together with
Wildman Hunting & Outdoor, a market leader with 15 branches country wide.
This is a unique opportunity with a win-win scenario for all parties involved, building a great business one step at a time.
With more than 6000 firearms financed to date, we proud ourselves as market leaders.

The firearm industry in South Africa is enormous and continues to grow at a fast pace,
nearing a billion Rand turnover a year.
This is mainly due to South Africa being a hunting mecca with marvelous
safari experiences, recreational sport shooting and self defense as three major pillars.

We pride ourselves in making your dream firearm a reality . Gun-owners in South Africa usually wait between three and six months before firearm licenses
are issued and the licensee can collect his / her firearm from the gun dealer.
This is a long time to wait and can have huge cash-flow constraints on your pocket.
Should a borrower consider an affordable PeerFin loan he doesn’t have the big once-off capital outflow and with easy,
fixed monthly installments deducted via debit order, this is truly a convenient and worthwhile opportunity.
PeerFin is your firearm finance partner whether you are an individual or a security company, we are here to help.

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How Does It Work

The process is simple. Each Wildman Finance client can apply
for a 3-, 6- and 12-month loan to buy his dream firearm.
He will pay a small deposit and complete an easy online application in the Wildman branch.
PeerFin will evaluate the applicant and as soon as the application was approved,
the firearm will be bought on your behalf and the invoice settled in full
directly with the Wildman Hunting & Outdoor shop. Your firearm is the collateral for the loan until
the loan is repaid in full. In return, you may apply for your license while you pay of your loan.
The borrower may only collect his firearm upon settling the outstanding loan.
The whole process is done in a couple of minutes. Enjoy a cup of coffee on us.

Your Target. Our Mission

Own your dream firearm today

Visit your nearest branch for a no obligation quote.
This is your hunting season.

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